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Our mission is to fuel growing businesses by creating elegant software systems that increase efficiency and lower costs.


Our core customers are executives, business owners, and founders looking for ways to streamline operations and do more with less.


  • Responsiveness. We believe in proactive communication.
  • Precision. We believe in paying attention to details.
  • Growth. We believe in continual improvement.
  • Joy. We believe software should be enjoyable to use!
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Matt Smith photo

Matt Smith


Matt enjoys helping clients build applications that do more with less. He has been a part of teams building applications for startups, government entities, and commercial clients. He loves opening doors clients never knew existed.

Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Josie. They have three boys. He loves Harleys and fabricating parts for Jeeps and custom motorcycles in his garage.

Jo Beckwith photo

Jo Beckwith

Client Advocate

As someone with a heart for people and a background in advocacy, this role fits with what I'm already passionate about - increasing positive communication, building long-term client relationships, and making sure expectations are properly set and then promptly met.

Please call or message me to discuss maximizing your business' efficiency and operations - I look forward to connecting!

Heritage of Excellence

Near Apogee Consulting started by servicing startups in the local Seattle region.

Then we learned we could do so much more!

We love solving problems that move the needle in the right direction with fewer resources than alternatives, whether that is through existing software or other approaches. We found that small and medium sized business also care about building things quickly and accurately, because they can better accomplish their mission. We also have found a good niche under certain government contracts as well, due to our ability to execute and iterate in our environment.

Our founder is a builder in all facets of his life and brought his passion for balancing cost, quality, and efficiency to NAC. Prioritizing ethics and culture are paramount to this company as we build quality products and minimize the mundane We always love growing and we push our people and clients to do the same.

Oh, and we still love startups!

Avery Wolkin photo

Avery Wolkin

Frontend Lead

Fletcher Groeneman photo

Fletcher Groeneman

User Experience, Design

Brian Eisemann photo

Brian Eisemann

Ruby, Javascript

Andy Griffith photo

Andy Griffith

DevOps, Go, Angular

Joe Rehfuss photo

Joe Rehfuss

Javascript, React

Sara LeHoullier photo

Sara LeHoullier


Tiffany Wismer photo

Tiffany Wismer